About BEBD

BEBD Telehealth connects you with a board certified physician through our video medical consults.

No waiting at the doctor’s office; our medical staff will coordinate your telehealth appointment in the security and privacy of your own home.  A medical assistant will be there with you to help you communicate with your doctor, make notes of your appointment and coordinate next steps for your care.

The BEBD Telehealth and Home Care Platform

BEBD provides a quick, easy and inexpensive way to speak to a Board Certified Physician – at YOUR convenience – on any device.

Our medical management team combines technology with personalized care to ensure healing, wellness and comfort.

BEBD services support healing and optimal health by providing customized care plans in coordination with your doctor and health care team. 

We believe that supporting a patient’s whole health means making sure the people who care for them have tools and real help within reach.

Our Philosophy

Patients First

Ethical Standards

Our Healthcare Team


Board certified and licensed in your state, our healthcare providers joined the BEBD Telehealth team because they want to be able to help people without the busy clinic rush. They will take the time to just – listen.

The BEBD Provider Team’s goal is to provide clinical excellence and personalized, integrated care. Whether you require a lengthy, detailed consultation or a quick, efficient appointment, our providers deliver a high quality healthcare experience.

Our compassionate Providers utilize the innovative and secure BEBD Telehealth platform and resources so that their patients receive the same level of quality care as they would face-to-face.  Your healing and optimal health are their priority.  


Our skilled medical assistants travel to patients’ homes to address their needs, provide support and connect them with a provider for their telehealth appointment.

The BEBD Medical Assistant team delivers personalized, high quality care by combining their specialized training with our innovative, secure technology combined and provider coordination.

These valued members of our Telemedicine team will talk with you about your medical concerns, ask questions and listen to you.  They will ask about past medical history, family history, current health concerns and the medications you are taking. No need to worry… they will be with you during your telehealth visit to connect you to provide support and coordinate with your provider.